Secrets on How to Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Great and Amazing

Perfectly done hardwood floor finishes are very appealing and beautiful. These floor types are cherished for their durability as well. Fitting in the different wood finishes on our floors is a task best left to the experts. Hiring the specialists and purchasing the necessary materials for the job costs a lot of money. It is, therefore, a matter of utmost importance to ensure you both, find the right people for the job and the highest quality floors.

The most important thing is taking proper care of their floors, at all times. Basic washing and cleaning are all that is required many-a-times. The overarching agenda of this article is to enlighten the reader on how to perform the routine cleaning and maintenance tasks on their precious hardwood floors. Regularly cleaned and serviced floors tend to last longer than floors which are neglected by the owners. Here are the other vital considerations to check on if you want your floors to remain to look as incredible as they did the first time.

Clean and Wash the Floors Regularly

With time, dirt and other undesirable substances accrue on the hardwood floors. Human traffic causes dirt and sand particles picked up by shoes to accumulate on the floors. Spills from beverages and even fecal matter from pets are also common nuisances on the surfaces. Clean them as soon as they arise to avoid complicating the stains. Sweep off the unwanted content using a broom or a mop. The cleaner should ensure the mop and the broom are completely dry. Vacuuming is a great way to clean the floors as well.

Using a dry cloth, preferably a cotton-made rug, wipe off the coffee or blood spills and stains. There are a million and one tested and proven tips and pointers on how to deal with the most common stains and spills. YouTube is full of excellent video tutorials on how to handle any floor-related issues. 

Understanding Your Finishes

Currently, the market is flooded with a wide assortment of hardwood floors. Each finishing comes with its rules and regulations. Ask the installation crew to bring you up to speed on how one is supposed to clean their particular floors. Generally speaking, the major types of finishes are the surface finishes, the wax and the acrylic impregnated varieties.

Judging by the sales volume, surface finishes or polyutherane are the best. No wonder they are preferred by millions of homeowners. The finishing is waterproof and very easy to clean and handle. The main precaution emphasized by the manufacturers is avoiding cleaning them with wax-based and petroleum-based substances. 

Wax is also an ideal finishing choice to use. Thanks to the protective layer, the surface appears shiny and glossy. They are easy to maintain. Experts recommend the usage of solvent-based waxes and wax-based cleaning fluids only. Wet the dirty surfaces with the cleaner and leave it for 20-40 minutes.

Without a doubt, the Acrylic impregnated finishes are the most impressive option of the three. They are ideal for high human traffic areas for instance in a hotel. In a mall. There are two broad subtypes of the acrylic hardwood finished floor. There’s the urethane-based and the nonurethane types of finishes.

Cleaning the acrylic hardwood surfaces with the urethane-based finishes is easy and fast. Use the products approved and recommended by the leading wood experts and a hardwood floor cleaner and the task is as good as done. Alternatively, if the acrylic floor is of the nonurethane-nature, then use a spray and buff system and the surface end up looking amazingly clean and beautiful.

In Conclusion

There is more to a floor than what at first meets the eye. Spectacular looking floors speak volumes about the overall personality and style of the homeowner. Follow your instincts and keep it simple and keep it all natural. Go for the latest and the most elegant designs in hardwood floors. Finish these floors off either with polyutherane or with nonurethane components. The choice is yours to make.  If you use the info and advice provided here, stand assured of walking away with hardwood floors which add considerable value to your property. Long lasting and beautiful-looking floors.

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